About Sabrina Zuniga


Hi, I am Sabrina, and I am running as your federal Conservative candidate for Don Valley North.

I am a long-time resident of Toronto with a professional background in the education sector. I am an entrepreneur and an analyst in the fields of education and politics. I hold a PhD in Higher Education from the University of Toronto. I also contribute to Canadian news publications and radio shows.

As a Conservative I strongly believe in the need to be fiscally responsible and, at the same time, to be compassionate and supportive to those who are struggling. In my lived experience teaching I saw many individuals using our government support systems to better themselves. This was especially apparent when I taught adult education and in the years I have volunteered at CAMH.

Although many government support programs are crucial for our society, it is when we can help someone get on their feet, become successful and take control of their own lives, that we cheer the loudest. Breaking the cycle of dependency on the government leads to increased self-esteem and prosperity, and allows individuals and communities to thrive.

Having created businesses myself, I am very aware of the work ethic needed for small business owners, and I always champion our entrepreneurs and innovators. These are the individuals taking a calculated risk to create a business, create jobs, and build our economy.

Whatever your background and occupation are, you will always have a home in the Conservative Party of Canada. Conservatives will never stop making sure you have the conditions necessary to succeed.

In Don Valley North we have people who came to Canada from various countries in the past few decades as well as those whose families have lived in Canada for many generations. Having this diversity of experiences, perspectives and traditions, united together in one bigger community reflects the fabric of our whole country and contributes to the successes and accomplishments of us all.

I believe strongly in the future of Canada and in the great things we can achieve under the responsible and committed leadership of a Conservative federal government.

Especially in this unusual economic time, having a Conservative lead the country’s recovery is crucial.

I am ready to take the lead working for the residents of Don Valley North.