October 10, 2018

Welcome to the Don Valley North Conservative Association News Page! 

As a Federal Riding Association, our goal and purpose is to assist in getting our new Conservative Candidate, Sarah Fischer, elected the 2019 Federal Election.

Running campaigns and winning ridings requires a lot of effort, resources and time. We are up for the challenge, but we would love your help!

Whether or not you have any experience on election campaigns, we can use your assistance. There are numerous roles available and any training you need will be provided.

Campaigns also take a lot of money. The financial donations that come into the Association will help pay for campaign literature, refreshments for volunteers, signs and campaign office expenses. Please consider donating to help us turn this riding blue in 2019.

This victory is going to be a group effort. We look forward to working with you to get Sarah elected as our federal representative in Don Valley North!